About Us

Through our product, community and design, our fundamental purpose is to further the enjoyment of Equestrian life.

We want to inspire an alternative way to dress to make equestrians feel great, whether they are riding, mucking out, or catching up with friends after a day at the yard.

At Livrae we are building a community which is inclusive and progressive, while using our platform to educate, support and connect. 

As a London based brand, we regularly see the socioeconomic divide, and it's important for us to use our platform to support social causes which are important to us. Our chosen partner is Brixton based, Ebony Horse Club. A fantastic organisation who support young lives within their local community by using horses to raise life skills, well being and aspirations of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We aim to support with financial contributions where possible, as well as staff volunteering and product gifting. 

As well as supporting causes that are close to our hearts and given that the Equestrian world is intertwined with nature, we also play our part in protecting the planet by making informed choices to support our customers in making better ethical investment in their wardrobe. 

All of our design choices at Livrae will quite literally, not cost the Earth or compromise on quality, performance, comfort or style. 

For our first collection we have ensured that 100% of our packaging is compostable, 84% of the cotton is Organic, 70% of the polyester used is recycled and we only work with ethical manufactures. 

We understand everyone wants to do better, and we will continue to improve our performance through conscious design. 

Livrae, more than equestrian.